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Our Tasks

We protect third party financial interests independently with the objective of contributing to long-lasting real estate development with rising value.
We support owners, under- take tasks and arrange for services.

Our activities go beyond those of administration:

  • We advise on possibilities for developing real estate and the associated liquidity planning and prepare decisions for various actions.

  • Together with engineers and specialist companies, we prepare modernisation and upkeep work for decision and accompany its implementation.

  • Long term, medium term and short term update plans are developed.

  • Contacts are established, decisions are brought about and declarations are submitted to governmental authorities and institutions such as, for example, tax offices, offices for the protection of historical buildings and monuments, urban planning offices, housing offices, and land owner and tenant organisations.

  • Our accounting department works directly with the relevant tax consultants to harmonise the data required for tax returns, whereby our administration program is equipped with a DATEV-interface.

  • We use legally depen- dable, economically optimised contracts for renting out commercial and residential space.

  • We check and optimise (performance and costs) the contracts for manage- ment, upkeep and main- tenance.

  • Rents are increased in agreement with the owner.

  • As necessary, rental and house allowance accounts are clarified retroactively.

  • Legal measures for pro- tecting the interests of the owners are worked out with qualified attorneys.

  • We can also provide advice based on market know- ledge regarding decisions to buy or sell real estate, condominium units, or part ownership units.

  • We have working relations with project developers and brokers for realistic, reliable and expeditious decisions to buy or sell.